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Polyunsaturated fatty acids (arachidonic, linoleic, linolenic) perform several other functions. Firstly, they are involved in cell defense mechanisms against oxidative stress. Secondly, their esters are part of membranes – the cell membranes, protecting them from outside intrusion of foreign bodies, and actively carry out the transfer of different substances: nutrients – into the cell, the waste – out. To order anabolic steroids online is the best way to get it cheap and fast. If your body does not get enough building material for cell membranes, slow recovery after exercise.

In addition, these acids are used for synthesis of the most important regulators of vital processes called prostaglandins. Wherein the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (linolenic) obtained substances possessing anti-inflammatory activity, and of unsaturated omega-6 (linoleic) – prostaglandins that promote inflammation. It is necessary to maintain the correct ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, using different oils. For example, linoleic acid is found in sunflower oil (66 percent). Testosterone is a steroid anabolic hormone and it belongs from the group of androgen. Arachidonic acid in natural products is small, but the organism can synthesize it from linoleic involving vitamin B6.

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Cholesterol, which is a light hand preachers “healthy diet” is pronounced almost deadly poison may actually cause clogging of blood vessels, because it is poorly soluble in body fluids and blood saturation they can precipitate in the form of plaques. I want to get involved into the female bodybuilding! But – only if it a lot! Small amounts of cholesterol the body needs, as It produces important hormones – testosterone, estrogen, and bile acids. Lack of cholesterol is rare, but the synthesis results in failure of some biologically active substances. The recommended daily intake – 200-300 mg (according to RAMS, no more than 200). Can be less, especially when elevated levels of low density lipoprotein in the blood. The body is able to synthesize some time your cholesterol, but then the problems begin with the assimilation of fats and the synthesis of hormones.

In Appendix 2 you will find a table of the cholesterol content in different foods. Train in the gym on a regular basis, reduce alcohol intake and order anabolic steroids online. Use it to efficiently plan the consumption of this “two-edged” material.

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The oils (especially untreated) phosphorus-containing substances are also present – phospholipids, make up the cell membrane. Many phospholipids in eggs (greater than 3 percent) of crude vegetable oils (1-2 percent). These substances contribute to improving the functioning of the brain and nervous system, some of them have a lipotropic action (accelerates fat burning). The lecithin contained in egg yolk, helps better digestion of fat due to the formation of the emulsion, and also reduces the level of low-density lipoprotein ( “bad” cholesterol) in the blood. Be smart, be strong and buy anabolic steroids online. That is why active people who consume even large amounts of whole eggs, cholesterol levels may be normal. Beta-sitosterol from vegetable oils normalizes cholesterol exchange.

As vegetable oils and animal fats contain proteins and vitamins. For example, butter is rich in vitamin A, vegetable oil – vitamin E. Cleaning oils (mainly to get rid of cholesterol and eliminate residue in vegetable oils) greatly reduces their value by reducing the useful products only to the fat source. The professionals like athletes and sportsmen who use these anabolics try to find cheap and harmless ones. At the risk of being accused of “jingoism”, I will say that our sunflower oil, and dark with sediment, is much more useful than foreign, to taste resembling silicone lubricant for condoms.