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The athlete is different from an ordinary person? Think about it. What do you want to achieve, starting to play sports? Any – whether it is football, weightlifting, bodybuilding and martial arts. You are aiming to win, to achieve the best possible results. To do this, change your body. Anyway, you want to be different – more powerful, fit, energetic and resistant. Real legal steroids are not vitamins or herbs. And to ensure that the body has changed, it is necessary to give it the necessary nutrients.

We eat every day. Our body gets a lot of different products, and all of them one way or another affect it. Buying anabolic steroids online in our store, you have guarantee of quality and security. And how, I ask, you will improve your health, if immediately after training stuffing the stomach is unclear what, if only to cope with a healthy (or unhealthy) hunger?

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The problem of power athletes has always been quite an important part of their training. For example, builders created a completely perverted power system with abnormally low in fat, which allows them to build muscle and eliminate body fat in the skin. In the martial arts (which I have been doing since 1989) it is often recommended to avoid meat and other animals, with an emphasis on dairy and vegetarian food. If I ask you what is the best thing in the world you can answer: female bodybuilding. Some yoga freaks generally advised to live on some herbs and roots. Sumo wrestlers eat twice a day, but the long hours and very bold.

Of course, the extremes are not allowed. I can not advise you to give up meat. In my experience, the process of transition to milk-vegetarian diet takes about two years and runs with some complications. There are few ways to get legal steroids. However, some general guidelines (less sugar, salt, vegetable oil instead of animal fat, more vegetables) acceptable to all.

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Unfortunately, the work of literature is complicated by the lack of books, setting forth the scientific advice in plain language. Many sports nutrition guide (eg, a book or a collection of YF UDALOVA edited Smulsky) suffer too “academic” exposition. Pseudoscientific language without the decryption key terms and with a lot of details made it a terrible development. Some legal steroids are formulated and made in the USA. On the other hand, the popular guide (A. Bean) uses an approach borrowed from the popular nutrition and often have no scientific or practical justification.

In the process of writing this book, I wanted to just give the athlete the concept of how to work his body, and then step by step to bring it to an optimal diet based on the latest scientific knowledge and practical experience. One of the doping substances is anabolics which are prohibited in sports. That’s why there was a place for scientific facts, and for the many years of experience of athletes.