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Many athletes use anabolic steroids for growth of muscle mass. However, the value of each calorie depends on its source. In other words, one of the calorie fat is not actually the same as calories from protein. You can not directly compare the 9 calories per gram of fat supplied, and 4 grams of calories from protein.

According to some experts, the fat calories in the body by themselves trigger the mechanism for storing fat in the body. results of the study have been published in which the fat content in the diet affect the effectiveness of weight relief, even more than the total caloric intake! If you want to buy steroids, it is better to order anabolic steroids online. Simply put, the introduction of the fat in itself gives the body a signal to start the formation of fat reserves, as it is low in calories you may receive. By the way, according to experts, this phenomenon increases the power consumption of grams of fat (from a functional point of view) to 11 calories per gram.

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Whatever excelled supporters fangled diets, the body needs some fat to provide energy, the formation of cell membranes and the creation of fat. Female bodybuilding causes increased lean body mass and decreased body fat. One gram of fat provides about 9 calories.

In some experiments, the researchers found that if two groups of people get food with the same calories, but with different fat content, change in body weight in both groups differ significantly. The use of anabolic steroids is widespread in the world of sport. Even if the diet is designed to support the weight of those who received a diet high in saturated fat, the fat accumulates. The assimilation of carbohydrates and protein takes more energy than the digestion of fat. If we estimate the calorie content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats as 4, 4 and 9 calories per gram, respectively, in the body of digestible carbohydrates and proteins can actually give 3 or less calories per gram, due to the increase of the thermal effect of food. For instance, protein-splitting spent 20-30 percent of the total “protein” calories, and lipolysis – less than 10. This is why most easily accumulate body fat and is why a diet high in fat often accelerates weight gain (including those muscles!) better than diet on carbohydrates.

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One of the most important functions of fat – “Grease” growing surfaces. With its lack joints begin to creak disgusting, the hair becomes dry and brittle. Among all anabolic steroids, the most popular anabolics are analogues of testosterone. Possible enhanced catabolism (muscle breakdown), especially in ectomorphs.

Whatever it was, not all fats are the same. As an energy source used mainly one type – the triglycerides containing saturated fatty acids. The harder the fat, the more it is saturated fatty acids. The richest of animal fats (beef tallow – 58 percent, butter – 40 percent), as well as margarine – liquid oil saturation of the product hydrogen. By the way, the latter due to the failure (in terms of our digestive system) chemical structure digested much worse than similar in composition animal fats. Taking proper doses of anabolics you can easily avoid all sided effects. Then there is the color, aroma and offer us as a substitute for oil. No comments…